HRAWI taskforce addresses talent shortfall

To address decline in student enrollment in hospitality institutes, HRAWI has formed a specialised task force consisting of academic experts to address the shortage in talent, manpower and the decreasing enrollment of students in hospitality programmes. Pradeep Shetty, President, HRAWI, stated, “As new opportunities continue to open up, the industry is also realising the need to attract new talent. To address this, HRAWI has created a special taskforce with three key objectives in mind. These include devising a scheme or strategy for making a career in hospitality attractive to students. To revisit the present-day hospitality education system and curriculum by involving academicians and industry as part of a consultation exercise to make suitable recommendations to the Ministry of Tourism. To take measures to help members tide over the talent shortfall with proper training tools, including informational videos, infographics and data-driven analysis and support, among other literature.”