Brothers simplify hotel management career path

In the intricate maze of career choices, the path to hotel management can often seem daunting, with aspiring students facing numerous hurdles from admissions to job placements. Recognising this gap in guidance and support, brothers Sumit Suman and Punit Suman embarked on a mission in 2018 to simplify this journey for countless individuals venturing into the realm of hospitality.

Their brainchild, the Hotel Management Helper, emerged from personal struggles encountered during the National Council for Hotel Management Joint Entrance Examination (NCHM JEE) and subsequent counselling processes. Disheartened by the lack of reliable online resources, they decided to take matters into their own hands.

The genesis of their endeavour lay in the establishment of a YouTube channel aimed at demystifying the complexities of the NCHM JEE process. Through meticulously crafted content, they not only elucidated the nuances of the examination but also extended their guidance to encompass a spectrum of hotel management-related issues, from admission procedures to job placements.

The impact of their initiative quickly reverberated across the aspirant community, garnering widespread recognition and accolades. Notable among their achievements is the Global Food & Hospitality Award bestowed upon them in 2023 for the Best Hotel Management YouTube Channel in India. The honour, presented by Chef Sanjeev Kapoor, underscored their commitment to excellence and innovation in the realm of career counselling.

Furthermore, their efforts were lauded at the International Education Conclave on National Education Policy 2022, where they were acclaimed for their excellence in career counselling. Such accolades stand as a testament to the indispensable role they have assumed in guiding and empowering aspirants across the nation.

Fuelling their journey are mentors and industry stalwarts, including Dr. Pushpesh Pant, Chef Manjit Singh Gill, Master Chef Ajay Chopra, Anita Chandran, Principal, IHM Shri Shakti Hyderabad, Dr Parvinder Singh Bali, Chef Nishant Choubey, Chef Ashish Bhasin, Chef Ananya Banerjee, among others. Drawing from their expertise and experience, the Hotel Management Helper endeavours to continuously refine and expand its repertoire of services, ensuring comprehensive support to all those embarking on a career in hospitality.

Looking ahead, the vision of the Hotel Management Helper extends far beyond accolades and recognition. With a steadfast commitment to becoming the ultimate resource for hotel management-related queries across India, they aspire to reach and empower a vast multitude of aspirants.